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SMIP ( Société de maintenance d’installations pétrolières ) is a service company in the oil and gas industry operating in Tunisia, North and West Africa.

SMIP is specialized in:

  • Well Testing
  • Slick-Line activities
  • Short Production Tests
  • Long Production Tests
  • Early Production Facilities
  • Marginal Fields Development
  • Gas Recovery & Treatment and Compression
  • Oil & gas Training Activities.

SMIP was established in 1995 and is a member of AL BADR group which is one of the most important operators in industrial fields in Tunisia.

This group is composed of the following main companies:

  • PIRECO : Integrated Full Services Organization
  • EPPM : Engineering and Procurement Project Management
  • EAM : Safety and Environment
  • DHV : Engineering water & Environmental activities
  • SOCOBAT : Civil construction
  • SCIN : Mechanical construction. AL BADR GROUP owns 100% shares in SCIN company ( Société de Construction Industrielles et Navales ). SCIN was founded in 1930 in the port of Sfax in Tunisia and is specialized in naval repair and construction.
  • ETELEC : Electrical & Instrument construction
  • CMR Tunisia ( Compagnie Marseillaise de réparations ) based in Marseille ( France ) and in Menzel Bourguiba ( Tunisia ) which is specialized in dry docking and repairing all types of vessels.

Among its activities, SMIP has carried out the following jobs:

  • Early Production Facilities
  • Commissioning and start up of Central Process Facilities
  • Operating Tazerka off-shore field with ‘’Tazerka’’ FPSO ( in Tunisia )
  • Supervision of mechanical construction
  • Drilling programs preparation, well testing jobs, work-overs and drillings supervision.
  • Oil and Gas fields Operating
  • Turn key projects
  • Global Maintenance
  • Training
  • Provision of qualified manpower