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Early Production Facilities


Bring production on stream quickly:

The Early Production facilities are mainly composed of:

  • Separators (test separator, 1st & 2nd stage separators)
  • Process heating systems
  • Process cooling systems
  • Gas compression ( compressors,... )
  • HP / LP flare gas K.O vessels
  • Flare systems
  • Produced water treatment system
  • Chemical injection package
  • Storage tanks
  • Pumping stations
  • Pipelines
  • Power generation and electrical systems
  • Safety systems (shutdown and control, fire and gas detection, fire-fighting, escape system...)
  • Fiscal metering
  • Truck and train loading facilities
  • Living quarters, control rooms and maintenance facilities.

SMIP, with the support of AL BADR group companies: PIRECO (Integrated full services organization), EPPM (Engineering), SCIN (Mechanical construction), SOCOBAT (Civil construction) , and according to its experience, can provide the operators with all the steps to put the field on production from engineering, procurement , installing to the operating and maintenance of the facilities. That also preserves capital and manpower to the benefit of operators mainly small and medium size companies.

SMIP can also provide its customers with a Fit-for-purpose Early Production facility to produce small oil reserves that could be uneconomic otherwise.

With experienced operators, technicians, supervisors, engineers, management and system to support them, SMIP is able to provide its customers with turn key based systems and services from the production of the well to the point of sale.

SMIP can perform projects under a variety of commercial models. This means the customers have the flexibility to maximize return on investment. Those options are:

  • Build , own , operate
  • Build, own, operate and transfer
  • Operation and maintenance.