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Slick-Line Services

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SMIP can provide every slick-line capability from basic completion intervention applications to advanced services.

In addition to standard 0.108" slick-line, SMIP also provides 0.125" and 0.160" slick-line, which gives performance capabilities similar to braided cable.

Thanks to its quartz electronic memory recording gauges (EMR), SMIP can perform Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP), Flowing Gradient Survey (FGS) as well as Static Gradient Survey (SGS).

SMIP has got onshore and offshore slick line units:

On Shore Units :

Combination of wire line unit, double drum and telescope crane mounted on a heavy off-road chassis, with step less variable hydraulic drive for powerful winch.

  • Truck Chassis MAN 6x4
  • Telescope crane

Offshore Units :

  • Light Weight Unit ATEX
  • Power Pack. ATEX Zone 2 (94/9/EC).