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Well Testing Services

In order to get reliable data from the well (monitoring and measurement of all factors relating to the production of oil, gas, and water at a well site), SMIP can provide its customers with well testing services covering:

- Exploration and appraisal testing services
- In-line production testing services

In addition to standard packages, SMIP supports its surface well testing with dedicated engineering team to provide solutions for:

- Extended well tests
- High flow rate tests
- Limited flow tests

Rigorous quality and operating procedures mean, SMIP works to provide a quality service under the strictest HSE controls.

SMIP's highly skilled and experienced personnel work to ensure the success of any test. The data acquisition system provides real-time data and can be linked to client's IT system.

Surface Well Testing

Standard 3 Phase package that may consist of: Surface Test Tree, Surface Safety Valve, hose, Data Header, Choke Manifold, Heat Exchanger, 3 Phase Separator, Surge or Atmospheric Tank, Transfer Pump, Chemical Injection Pump, Emergency Shutdown System, Burner Boom/Burner Head or Flare Stack, Lab