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Djebel Grouz Field

SMIP has been awarded, from ENI Tunisia B.V, the project to recover, treats and compresses the associated gas from the existing production facilities ( oil station ) and exports it to STEG ( Société Tunisienne d'Electricité et de Gaz ) LPG plant in Gabes via a 10'' pipeline located at 3 Km from well site in Djebel Grouz onshore field.

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In the frame of this project, a gas compressor, chilling unit, dehydration unit and scrubbers will be provided and installed in a dedicated area away from the wellhead platform and will be called Gas Station.

Associated gas in drawn off the first stage separator on oil process and then routed to the gas station to be compressed and dehydrated to STEG pipeline transport specification. A metering and analysis system ( chromatograph ) is provided by ENI Tunisia B.V. Recovered condensates from Gas Station process are re-routed to Oil Station for re-processing and oil gravity improvement.

The Djebel Grouz filed is located in the South of Tunisia, and North East of El Borma field.

Three wells were drilled with the Djebel Grouz field. PDG#1 is not producing anymore and PDG#2 was abandoned due to very low reservoir characteristics.

The PDG#3 well was drilled to evaluate the Triassic hydrocarbon layers. It's located at about 80 m from PDG#1 well and has encountered two hydrocarbon bearing layers : the T.A.G.I ''A'' sand, having a gas and an oil zone separated by 3 m of permeable clays, and the T.A.G.I ''E'' sand which is mineralized with oil.

The project consists of treatment, compression ( at 1000 psi ) and delivery the gas to final user.

The scope of the project has been:

  • Site survey
  • Project Management
  • Engineering ( Basic, FEED and Detailed Engineering )
  • Technical documentation for local Authorities
  • Hazop Analysis
  • Supply of materials, equipments and Control System
  • Construction and installation
  • Civil work
  • Mechanical work
  • Piping work
  • Instruments and control system installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Heat treatment and N.D.T
  • Painting, insulation and lining
  • Plant pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up
  • Operating and maintenance manual
  • Plant operating and maintenance

SMIP has achieved the project successfully and safely within 4 months and a half, which is a very good performance.

SMIP has been conducting the operations and maintenance activities of the plant since April 2008.