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Health Safety Environment Quality Policy

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SMIP’s HSE Policy is to manage and conduct all operations in a manner that preserve people Health and Safety, protect the Environnement and safeguard properties.

SMIP considers that prevents risk and reduces harm to levels which are as low as reasonably practicable to people Health and Safety and to the Environment are an integral part of its business strategic objectives and the responsibility of all levels of management and involve the individual contribution of every employee.

To achieve this policy, SMIP is committed to:
  • Comply with applicable regulatory, codes, standards and customers requirements;
  • Establish effective HSE Management System;
  • Maintain the Management System in compliance with International Safety Management (ISM) code as defined by the International Management code for the safe operation of ships and pollution prevention and applicable local legislation;
  • Communicate this HSE policy to all employees, customers and contractors and ensure that this policy is readily understood by these parties;
  • Allocate sufficient resources to attain this policy and HSE objectives;
  • Provide facilities, tools and work places free of recognized safety hazard;
  • Apply appropriate procedures and code and safety working practices;
  • Continuously enhance personnel competence and improve their prevention awareness by training, education, open communication and motivation to enable them to protect their health, to work safely and to preserve the environment;
  • Monitor our HSE performance and the adequacy of our equipment and procedures using audit and management review on a regular basis and taking necessary corrective measures;
  • Develop and maintain Emergency Response Plan and appropriate resources for controlling emergency situations.